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Holyoke schools job openings

María Luisa Arroyo is spreading the word about job opportunities in the Holyoke, MA school district:

“The Holyoke district is increasingly using www.schoolspring.com in order to post all of their job offerings. Please help to spread the word among your own contacts.

Also, to put a bug in people’s ear, both the Morgan and Kelly Schools in Holyoke are in the process of transforming into full-service community schools like Peck (is becoming; we’re not there yet.) The reason I mention this is because during this academic year, the Morgan School has just hired a Full-Service Community School Manager and will be initiating the process sometime this year to hire a Family Access and Engagement Coordinator, which is my position at Peck. A third position will be a Ready for Kindergarten Coordinator. We have just hired one at our school and the other schools will follow suit.  Stay tuned! And once I am aware of job postings, I will forward them.”

If you would like further information from María Luisa, please contact us at La Prensa and we will forward your email.




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